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Keeping up with Clayton -- Welcome to this blog space...where fans and friends of Clayton Klein may gather to share the adventures of this inspiring nonagenarian. A native of Michigan, Clayton loves to spread the word about the beauty of our state and the health benefits of walking. Follow along. I know you'll come to appreciate his creative spirit and positive outlook about living life to the fullest, no matter what your age

Following the Footprints of Clayton Klein

From Paradise on the shores of Lake Superior (Longfellow's Gitche Gumee)to Hell (MI) and Beyond to Ohio...Fowlerville, Michigan's Clayton Klein celebrated his 90th birthday in 2009 and his 5th annual 420-mile walk for Michigan Hospice & Palliative Care Organization Sept. 4-28.

This year 2013, at 94, he's still walking, still trailblazing, and leading by example to raise awareness of the health benefits of walking.

Follow him on his journey... as he continues to leave footprints on the trail and on the hearts of many Michiganders.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Stepping off in Paradise

Clayton stepped off in Paradise, MI on Lake Superior Friday, Sept. 4, as scheduled. Three days to the Mackinac Bridge. Sharing here a wonderful letter from Michigan Hospice Organization cheering Clayton on his journey and inviting everyone to come out and participate in his latest adventure. This is Clayton's fifth walk from one end of the state to the other for a great cause. He's a nonagenarian now (90), which means he was 85 for Paradise to Hell Walk Number One in 2005.

Lisa Buttigieg, communications coordinator for Michigan Hospice & Palliative Care Organization, sent this letter out today in celebration of Clayton Klein’s first day of the 420-mile journey, walking from Paradise at Whitefish Bay on Lake Superior (where the Edmund Fitzgerald went down) over the Mackinac Bridge on Labor Day and on down into the Lower Peninsula to the little town of Hell in Livingston County and beyond to Ohio. Enjoy!

Hello Everyone,
Today is the big day for Clayton and for Michigan Hospice Organization! What a beautiful day to begin a walk.  I am very excited to let you all know that we have contacted all of the Chamber of Commerce’s in the towns where Clayton will be walking (I sent the press release and walk schedule) and they were all receptive and excited about this story.

We have also contacted news stations all around the state, including national news stations along with the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, all of whom were very receptive of this story. And one last contact was Governor Granholm’s office, I spoke to her communications person about Clayton being there on Labor Day to walk across with everyone and since she will be walking across this year with her elderly relatives, I am hoping that she will recognize Clayton because we know he certainly deserves it!  

I spoke to the director of the Mackinaw Chamber of Commerce (Dawn) and she told me to let Clayton know that there will be live news coverage on the St. Ignace side (reporter Gary Ingalls) and reporter Bill Bauman on the Mackinaw side of the bridge. She did say that Clayton should be assertive and get to the front for an interview to tell his story, and my boss said it is perfectly fine to address us as Michigan Hospice Organization.  She also said that she would have a lanyard for Clayton at the  sound booth on the Mackinaw side.

 I hope this in not too late of a notice and we are all rooting for you Clayton!!  Thank you Clayton, you are an amazing person and we appreciate you for who you are.
All our best for a safe journey!
The MHPCO Staff.

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